Ashton Under Hill First School

Shaping Bright Futures Together

Condover Day 3

We had a lazy start to Day 3, having to wake up most of the children by 6.30 – a big improvement from Thursday’s very early start. All had a fabulous nights sleep and fully caught up on their lost zzzzzzzz’s from the night before!!

Our last trip to the canteen for breakfast did not disappoint, the children’s eyes lit up when they saw the selection on offer again. After refuelling was done, we went to pack and make sure we left all the dorms as we found them. This was a valuable lesson in how to fold and recognise their own belongings and most learnt that you could squeeze those extra clothes/teddies/shoes into their bags with some help from their friends.

Once we were all packed and we had checked out, it was time for the final activities. Group 1 AKA Excellent 11 went to build shelters during a survival session. Group 2 AKA The Golden Eagles, were on the climbing wall and the final group, Group 3 AKA Ashdovians, were on the Gladiator wall, facing some very tricky obstacles to climb.

These sessions whizzed past far too quickly and sadly, home-time was looming. Our picnic lunch on the lawn with the instructors was the perfect way to end a wonderful visit. We all piled back onto the bus ready for our return journey. The children were very quiet on the way back – apart from the occasional burst of song that they had been taught by the instructors.

Throughout the trip, the children were a credit to the school and all their families. Everywhere we went the instructors and staff at the centre praised their good behaviour, listening skills, teamwork and manners. The canteen staff said our children were the politest group staying that week and were very impressed by their manners and appetite.

It has been a real pleasure for all the adults to be with the children and they have been amazing. Lots of fabulous memories were made and we hope this will be a highlight for them all to cherish from their time at Ashton First School.

How will we follow all this excitement when we are back in class???