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Happy Easter from Holly Class!

Exciting news from Holly Class - we have new arrivals! On Monday we came to school to find some of the duck eggs in our incubator rocking and starting to crack and when we listened really carefully we could even hear some cheeping from inside. We continued to watch and wait and our patience was rewarded just before break time with our first new arrival! Over the next couple of days the ducklings hatched and the children were in awe watching quietly and excitedly as each egg hatched. One of the children said something that I think summed it up for all of us, "I was so surprised! It's wonderful, it's amazing."

On Wednesday the ducklings moved into their new pen in the classroom where they have food, water and a heat lamp to keep them cosy and warm. The children have loved being able to see them more clearly and have enjoyed sitting and watching as the ducklings get used to life in our world. Many of the children have observed the ducklings closely and created drawings. We looked at a life cycle for a chicken and then created our own for ducks as we now know all about this! The year 1 children were writing explanation texts this week and so, of course, they explained how to look after ducklings. The children worked hard to include subheadings in their work and write super sentences with correct punctuation. The Reception children have created their own duckling information books using photos that we have taken and adding their own words and sentences. We are so grateful to Mr and Mrs Harvey for letting us hatch some of their duck eggs and helping us with everything along the way to make sure the ducklings are well looked after. 

On Monday afternoon we had a very special visitor, an explorer came to see us! Matt Peacey is going on an expedition to Nepal later next month to explore a glacier that nobody has been to before. It was wonderful to hear about his plans and preparations, he even brought along lots of the kit he will be taking that we enjoyed having a close look at. We presented him with an Ashton Under Hill First School flag that all the children signed, and he very kindly agreed to take it with him. We wish him lots of luck for his trip and are very much looking forward to finding out how he gets on. 

In addition to all of this, we have been busy learning and performing Easter songs as well as making Easter cards and hunting for Easter eggs...Happy Easter everyone!