Ashton Under Hill First School

Shaping Bright Futures Together

Hawthorn wb 11th July

Hawthorn children have been absolute stars this week, coping with the hot weather and sticky, sleepless nights.
We've continued our work on poetry and introduced them to similes, personification and alliteration. Next week they'll compose their own poems and present them as their final 'best handwriting' piece of the year.
The Year 2s have begun learning how to do column addition in preparation for Key Stage 2 while the Year 1s have been working on mixed maths skills.
On Monday, Holly and Hawthorn joined together for an Art Masterclass with Mrs Clayton. The children used natural materials such as leaves and flowers to print patterns and then added extra details with colour pencils to complete their creations. Our thanks go out to Mrs Clayton.
Our RE lesson on Tuesday focused on Peace and we discussed why it's important for the world and how we can contribute to it ourselves. The children used folding skills to make their own lovely doves of peace, as can be seen in the photos. 
In Science we have completed our review of the seasons and the children used their own information to make tally charts, pictograms and bar charts of the UK summer weather (there had been quite a lot of cloud up to this week!)
Finally we completed our last lesson on playing the recorder.  The children have now mastered B A and G and we have played a few tunes with these notes.  I'm sure that they can keep practising what they have learned at home - remember the left hand goes at the top children!