Ashton Under Hill First School

Shaping Bright Futures Together

Hawthorn wb 28th February

It was lovely to welcome back the children on Monday and find out what they’d been doing during half term. They’ve all returned with a super attitude to their learning and really enjoyed finding out about the new topics we’ve started.

In English, we’ve chosen the book, ‘Look Inside Space’ as the inspiration for our writing. We kicked off by finding out about the International Space Station and the children loved watching its progress around the world on the NASA tracker. Our work in English links well with our new topic, Intrepid Explorers. The children have shared their ideas and questions which have been incorporated into our plan for learning. We’re going to start with Neil Armstrong, then go back in time to find out about the travels and adventures of Christopher Columbus and Mary Kingsley.

We’ve also started a new topic in Maths – fractions! The children know it’s all about making equal parts, and so far we’ve looked at finding a half and a quarter. They really enjoyed a practical investigation on Tuesday; each child was given a set of paper shapes and they had to explore how many ways they could be folded to make two equal parts – and for some shapes, the answer was more than they originally expected. Did you know that a circle can be folded in half an infinite number of times?

This week, we’ve been celebrating St David’s Day (as well as Shrove Tuesday/Pancake Day), and our children joined with Holly class for a fabulous afternoon of art when they had to make dragons using natural materials. You only have to look at the photos to see what a creative bunch they are!

Finally what a wonderful set of book characters we had for today's World Book Day celebration!  We had everything from princesses to monsters!  We enjoyed looking at each others costumes and then taking part in a book scavenger hunt where we looked in lots of books for bears, witches, frogs, recipes and more.  It really was an exciting day!