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Holly Class - Chinese New Year and Number Day!

What a fabulous week it has been Holly Class!

We had a wonderful morning on Tuesday with the Acorn children learning about Chinese New Year. First we watched some videos to learn about the celebrations and after finding out that each year is linked to an animal, we were keen to find out about what the animal was the year that we were born. This year is the year of the tiger which means 'strength' and 'being brave'! We had opportunities to explore lots of the things that children all over the world would be doing to celebrate Chinese New Year, including making lanterns and making brightly coloured envelopes that traditionally are used to give money, we had some chocolate coins in ours!  

Today has been Number Day and our children have celebrated it in style. It is so lovely to see numbers everywhere, around our classroom and on the children!! We had a Snail and the Whale themed number day treasure hunt this morning, that look us all around our learning environment. Reception children were challenged to find, count and represent numbers in all sorts of  different ways. Year 1 children had to build and then answer their own subtraction number sentences with the clues they found.  With all of the subtraction work we have been doing they solved the problems really well. 

Amongst all of this, we have also consolidated our report writing skills this week. Year 1 have planned and written their own reports about penguins, the children are learning to go back through and check over their work. This is a tricky skill that they are working hard to develop!  Reception have written up their penguin fact sheets, adding labels and some short sentences with their favourite facts. 

It has been a week of brilliant learning, well done Holly Class. Have a lovely weekend! 

Mrs Holdsworth