Ashton Under Hill First School

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Holly Class - Major Glad, Major Dizzy

Lots of our learning this week has been led by a lovely story called 'Major Glad, Major Dizzy'. It is all about two toy soldiers that are 150 years old and we follow their adventures from the Victorian times right up to the present day. The pictures sparked lots of conversation and excitement because we spotted some of the old toys we had been learning about as well as noticing some others to find out more about. We have learnt some great new words this week; we have learnt what a sampler is and about a type of sewing called cross-stitch, as well as working out what pantaloons are! Mrs Shiels kindly brought in a beautiful old doll to show us and we asked lots of questions about what it was made from and how it was held together.

In our literacy lessons we finished writing our fabulous stories about Bernard the robot and his lost arm and have moved onto some non-fiction writing. We are setting up a toy museum in our classroom and creating some information cards to tell any visitors all about them. Hopefully we will be up and running and open to give guided tours next week! 

In maths this week we have all be working on grouping and sharing, this has involved using lots of new vocabulary such as equal, unequal, even and balanced. The Reception children have solved lots of practical problems sorting cars, beanbags and even our lunch bands into equal groups whilst Year 1 have done lots of sharing, using plates and cubes and then learnt how to record their answers in their maths books using pictures to show their working out. 

We are really enjoying watching our plants starting to grow in our outside area, we are ready to plant our peas outside our classroom window now and this week some of the pumpkins started sprouting. We have also each planted a sunflower this week which we are going to watch and monitor as it grows. The children have been set a challenge to nurture their sunflower and we will see who's can grow to be the tallest! 

On Tuesday our Jubilee celebrations started with a bang with a fabulous dance workshop. Across the whole school we are each celebrating different decades of the Queen's reign, and in Holly Class we are going to be looking at the 2000's. So, of course, our dance was from this decade and we were taught the Cha Cha slide! There was lots of bouncing, sliding and laughing...we will keep practising and will look forward to showing you next Friday!