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Holly Class - a postcard from Noi

There has been much excitement in Holly class this week as we received a postcard! Mrs Brown brought it through to us just after breaktime on Tuesday and when we read it, we discovered that it was from Noi, a character in Storm Whale in Winter, a book that we have been reading. He told us all about where he lived and requested that we write back, which of course we did. The children in Year 1 worked hard to show off to Noi how they can include adjectives in their writing so that it is really exciting, and some also included a question sentence as we have been learning how to write these with correct punctuation. The children in Reception all chose what they would like to draw on the front of the postcard and many wrote a message to Noi using the sounds they have been learning in phonics. Everyone did a brilliant job and I'm sure Noi will be so pleased to get our replies! 

In maths this week we have continued our number bonds work with Reception children playing lots of different games to show making 5 and Year 1 have been using their number bonds to 10 to answer questions and solve problems. We have really enjoyed the challenge of remembering the number bonds and are getting quite competitive trying to beat our score when playing the online 'hit the button game'. You might like to try this at home too. 

We have been exploring a little more of our islands and oceans topic and looking at the world map in different ways. We looked at google earth, a map and a globe and worked out which parts show the land and which parts show the sea. We are trying really hard to remember the 7 continents of the world and we also learnt that we live on an island, which some of us were surprised about! 

We are working really hard in Holly Class to be independent learners and always try our very best. This is something we have talked a lot about this week and all of the children are embracing the challenge of working together to solve problems and giving everything a good go. Keep it up everyone!

Have a lovely weekend, 

Mrs Holdsworth