Ashton Under Hill First School

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Holly Class - a week of wellbeing

This week has been Children's Mental Health week and we have embraced this whole heartedly in Holly Class. We started the week by talking about how both our physical and mental health is important and we have to work hard to look after both. We shared a story called 'Conker the Chameleon', about a little chameleon who can't change colour to show his emotions like the other chameleons. Instead, he learns that he has to use his voice and talk about what he feels and this means others can help him and he can help himself. All week we have been 'checking in' with our inner Conker the Chameleon by looking at pictures of him to help us work out which we felt like at different parts of the day. If we were the happy or excited Conker we shared what had been good, and if we were the sadder looking or angry Conker we tried to share what had made us feel this way. 

As part of our wellbeing week, we have also worked on a teamwork project where the whole class was challenged to work together to achieve a shared goal. The children have created a fabulous new Explorer's Cabin role play area for our classroom, complete with hand made binoculars, compasses, adventure maps, telescopes and even a tunnel to get in and out! 

Alongside this we have done lots of moving, singing, being outside and looking out for our friends, as we learnt that all of this helps us to feel good. Today has been a lovely day as we were joined by the Year 1 children from Hawthorn Class for some yoga this morning, a joint project for something exciting next week and then a walk to the meadow this afternoon. What a treat to end the week outside with lots of fresh air and taking the time to appreciate our lovely surroundings.