Ashton Under Hill First School

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Holly Class - exploring oceans and islands

What a brilliant week we have had in Holly Class! Everyone has been eager to learn and worked very hard, it is lovely to see. 

In literacy we have started reading 'The Storm Whale in Winter', we really enjoyed meeting the main character Noi and learning about his friend the storm whale. At the start of the week we made some excellent predictions about what might happen next and then were excited to see if we were correct. We have been looking at different ways of re-telling the story and the year 1 children also wrote their own blurb. 

Holly Class has been full of super mathematicians this week. Year 1 have been learning to add by using the 'counting on' strategy. We did this with concrete materials first, then used pictures to help and have finished by learning how to count on using a number line. The Reception children have been exploring number bonds to 5 and have shown them using counters, numicon and all sorts of loose parts around the classroom. They even had a go at reading and writing the number sentences. 

We have spent time this week talking about what we would like to find out during our oceans and islands topic, we have thought about ways of travelling across the ocean, islands that we know about and come up with some questions that we would like to investigate. We have also done some lovely artwork to go on our walls. The children have explored colour mixing using paints; learning what a primary and secondary colour is and then used these colours to decorate an igloo, like Immi a character in one of our stories had done. As well of this we have made some 3D ocean images by manipulating paper to look like waves. Take a look at our pictures of these, they are fabulous! 

Have a lovely weekend everyone, Mrs Holdsworth