Ashton Under Hill First School

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Holly Class - we found a Bog Baby!

What a lovely week we have had in Holly Class! 

We started the week with a fabulous topic day which Hawthorn class joined us for. In the morning we learnt all about what human and physical geographical features are, we then thought about which if these we had in our village. The children all worked in groups to create a huge map of Ashton Under Hill, each group took a different section of the village and worked hard to include all the geographical features we had talked about.  We then had to piece the map all together like a big puzzle. When the map was all joined up it was nearly as big as the Holly class classroom floor! In the afternoon we had another visit from Matt Peacey, who had been to see us a few months ago to tell us all about an expedition he was going on to Nepal. He is now backfrom his amazing trip and came in to show us some photos and tell us all about what he had learnt. He showed us photos of the places he had been and even brought us some things back that will help us to learn about the culture and life in Nepal. We were particularly interested in one of the villages he had been to, Gokyo, and the children asked him lots of questions about things that might be similar to our village, but also things that were different. We learnt that Gokyo also had a school and houses, but it was a much smaller village than ours and was surrounded by mountains rather than a hill! 

Wednesday was a particularly exciting day in Holly class as we found a very rare and unusual creature outside in the quiet area...we found a Bog Baby! For those of you that don't know, a Bog Baby is a round blue creature with ears like a mouse and a spikey tail. The Bog Baby we found had a book next to it with a story that helped us to learn all about it. We are enjoying making habitats and writing descriptions of our Bog Baby that will hopefully help others to learn all about them. We have had to be really calm and quiet in our classroom so that we don't scare it and will definitely make sure we return it to a lovely woodland habitat that we know it likes soon. We have also been learning about trees in our science lessons so that we know a little bit more about the woodland. We all enjoyed adopting a tree in our school grounds, making close observations and learning to name all the different parts. 

In maths this week we have been learning about giving directions and positional language. The Year 1 children have taken this a step further and applied their fractions knowledge by making whole, half and quarter turns and also learning their left and right. We have talked about lots of tips and tricks to try and remember this as it is something grown ups can also find tricky sometimes!! 

Some of you will know that we have had a lovely student teacher, Miss Sheehan, with us for the last 4 weeks. She has been such a brilliant part of our Holly Class family and taught us some brilliant lessons whilst she has been here. We have loved having her with us and so had a little celebratory picnic snack for her at breaktime today, it was lovely to chat and have cake and strawberries in the sunshine. 

Have a lovely weekend everyone,   Mrs Holdsworth