Ashton Under Hill First School

Shaping Bright Futures Together

Holly Class - we are storytellers!

Wow, Holly Class, I can't believe it is half term already! What a busy and wonderful term it has been with you all.

This week we have become storytellers using the Naughty Bus to help us (we are determined to make it into a helpful bus!!). Earlier in the week, all of the children worked in groups to set up little scenes of naughtiness using Naughty Bus in our classroom and took their own photos of what had happened. It tipped over the lego, climbed on our play house, put books all over the floor and even got captured by a helicopter to be taken to jail! We printed out the photos and the children then used them to tell their own stories. Year 1 became authors of their very own books by creating a front cover, writing a beginning for the story and then a sentence to go with each photo. They all worked very hard to remember capital letters and full stops as well as use their most beautiful handwriting. The Reception children also made a front cover and then worked together to tell their stories, listening to what the person before had said and following on. They worked hard to make the story as exciting as possible and use lots of interesting words - they were so enthusiastic that Mrs Morgan and Mrs Holdsworth had to write very quickly!!

Year 1 have also completed their first Design and Technology project this week. They all designed their very own buses (some with very interesting features!) and wrote lists of the materials they needed to make them. They really enjoyed building them and were very pleased with the results, they even had a go at evaluating their creations and thought about what they could do to make them even better next time. 

Our Reception children have had a very important job to do this week. They wanted to say a special thank you to their buddies who have been such amazing friends during this first half term at school so we made them each a medal and a card to give them in assembly. All of the children in Reception put so much time and effort into drawing lovely pictures on the back of the medals of themselves and their buddies and wrote their names beautifully in the cards for them. 

I hope you all have a wonderful half term break and I will look forward to seeing you in just over a week and hearing about your adventures!

Mrs Holdsworth