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Merry Christmas - Oak Class

Our final week of 2021 has been filled with a variety of different activities to conclude our learning from this hectic term.

We couldn't come to an agreement about whether the Vikings should be remembered as raiders or settlers and traders as the children could argue points for and against and some felt they were all 3! The discussions in class have shown what a lot they have learnt from this historical study and the children's knowledge, understanding and skills have been developed in some different ways. Next term we are studying the Ancient Mayan Civilisation so will have a shift in focus from British history to studies from further afield.

The children were very proud of their sewing skills after completing their cross stitched Christmas cards. They have put such a lot of hard work in to them from designing to their completion. All have shown a huge amount of pride in their work. It was wonderful to see many of them learn a new skill and improve in leaps and bounds too. They also learnt the difference between a pin and a needle and string and thread!

Lots of fun was had on party day we had a quiz, party games in the hall and in class, and enjoyed eating party food for lunch. It all looked very tasty! Also on Thursday, we had a very important visitor who has squeezed us in to his schedule this week. Father Christmas flew in to say hello and make the final checks before packing his sleigh in a few days time. Lots of the children made a special request for what he could place under their tree, while others expressed contentment with a surprise. We will have to see what happens between now and the big day!

The biggest news of the week for Year 5's was to get much awaited their parts for the play! The title this year is 'A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Camelot'. It retells the story of the how young King Arthur took the throne by removing the sword (Excalibur), from the stone. The children have already started to highlight their lines and were practising in the playground - a great sign!! Starting to learn their lines is an unofficial homework for them this Christmas break, which I'm sure they will squeeze in to their busy schedule. 

The last day brought some carol singing with musical accompaniments provided by percussion instruments. It was a noisy morning but very worthwhile to see them enjoy making music and listening to the final performances.  We opted for a traditional last day of term with a board games afternoon, which was a lot quieter than the morning session!

The Oak team would like to thank you for all the support you have given to your children and us this term, and wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Please keep yourselves safe and we'll see you in January 2022.