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Message from the Chair of Governors

Staff have again risen to the challenges of lockdown and have shown tremendous spirit and determination in their efforts to meet the needs and expectations of parents and comply with revised Dept of Education guidelines on remote education. They have our full support. Governors wish to restate and stress, it is the staff’s safety and wellbeing that remains our top priority and in turn the school’s operation will most likely continue despite the current high infection rates and increased transmissibility of the virus.

Whilst there is no doubt that a child in school is benefiting from contact with their peers and a structured day and that families will find meeting their work obligations and commitments easier without home-schooling and childcare constraints, Governors implore you to keep your child at home wherever possible. By limiting numbers in school, maintaining social distancing is more achievable more of the time and the school can focus on monitoring and improving remote schooling over time.

Government campaigns, public health messages and media coverage clearly indicate that every journey taken, every contact made increases the risk of the virus spreading. If your child is eligible for a place in school during lockdown, please use it judiciously and not just because you can.

Thank you for your support and please do continue to have honest and regular contact through your class teacher. Governors unreservedly thank our teachers and all staff for their commitment and thoughtfulness for others.