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Oak Class - Business Enterprise Finale

Wow - what a first week back to school it has been!! We have been fully focussed on our Business Enterprise concerns this week, organising all the final arrangements, finalising pricing, working out profit margins and most importantly marketing and making our products. Oak have had a crash course in marketing this week (and there are a few promising candidates for future careers in this department) learning all about how to use persuasive language to lure in customers. We have studied famous brands and looked for tricks of the trade from the professionals to produce publicity posters and have even filmed our own adverts! All the children across the school have seen the adverts and have been carefully studying the posters around the school corridors.

On Friday there was definitely a buzz of excitement around the school to see what was on offer and lots of discussions about where children would spend their money. Each group put a lot of time and thought into how they would present their stalls and products and they looked fabulous with posters, bunting and notes about their products. Oak Class did an AMAZING job and once again made us incredibly proud. They have put their heart and soul into this project and have been bursting with enthusiasm to try to win and out perform their classmates. The pop up market was an overwhelming success; lots of happy customers and very pleased sellers. We will count up the takings on Monday and calculate who made the most profit and be crowned as the Business Enterprise Champions!!! Check out the gallery for pictures of how well the sale went. Thank you to all the parents and friends who sent in money with their children to spend or came themselves, it couldn't have been the success it was without all your support and help.

Outside of all this fun, we have been revising our skills to use inverted commas and will be building on these skills over the next few weeks. We will learn how to weave dialogue into our narratives to improve the quality and flow of our story writing. In Maths we are continuing with decimals for a short while, our work on money for our Business Enterprise has linked in very well to this topic to enhance our learning further. 

It is starting to sink in that the Year 5's, (sadly) have only a short time left with us at Ashton, so we are planning, over this half term, to make the most of every day as the countdown to the end of term begins! We have an extremely action packed term so be prepared for lots of exciting news each week and keep up to date about what is happening by reading the blog each week.