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Oak Class Spring 2 Week 2

It was brilliant to meet you all at parents evening this week and have actual face to face meetings, I hope you enjoyed looking at all your children's hard work. It was lovely to share all the progress they are making with you.

This week has rushed by and we have been very busy, as usual!!

In Maths, we have been continuing to learn about fractions, specifically equivalent fractions and on Wednesday this gave us the inspiration for our Learning Outside of the Class lesson of the week. Using objects found in the natural environment, the children created visualisations of equivalent fractions. Some made shapes with different parts filled in with stones or leaves and others created numbers out of sticks and daisies to represent two equal fractions. It was lots of fun even though the wind did try to spoil the children's masterpieces at crucial moments!

Our English lessons have led us to study the difference between formal and informal language styles using the wonderful diary I introduced last week. The children have become much more aware of the difference and have been spotting the informal style in other lessons too. We have also been learning how to use 'when adverbials' at the start and within sentences to improve our writing. The highlight for many this week was to  create a diary page describing a recent experience and illustrate it in a similar way to Flossie ( the girl in the diary we are reading). I was extremely impressed by the effort and detail that the children put into this task and it has created some excellent work. The purpose of this was to help the children to recognise how authors can make text visually engaging to get the reader hooked and the impact illustrations can have on their understanding of what they are reading. In the gallery there are some lovely examples.

Our DT project this half term was to investigate levers and the children have made a toy with moving parts. It was a big test of using a ruler, measuring and cutting accurately and assembling several parts to create the final result. Lots of resilience was needed as it was tricky at times and many learnt the importance of the phrase  'measure twice, cut once'!! Some even mentioned that these would be great to use to create a stop frame animation - I love it when they link their learning to skills taught earlier in the year. Have a look in the gallery for some examples.

In other news Georgia and her family will be very busy on the farm over the next few weeks as it is lambing time!! She has already had some early lambs and was very excited to share this news with the rest of the class. We are keeping a running total of the lambs born on her farm, at the moment of typing the count was 5.  We have some photos of them in the gallery too. A lovely reminder that Spring is here.

Next week is Science week, we can't wait!!