Ashton Under Hill First School

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Oak Class -Summer 1 week 4

After all the excitement of our residential, this week could have been rather uneventful - but no - Oak Class is never uneventful!!

Our week commenced with some reflections from our adventures in Condover. We got into role as journalists and typed a descriptive report focussing on character and setting descriptions trying very hard to be as descriptive as possible for the audience who'd read it. There was lots of positivity about the experience and it was fabulous to read all about the children's own views of their few days away from home.

On Tuesday we had a visit from a professional dancer known to the children as Miss Flower (she had quite a tricky name to pronounce). She was in school to kick off preparations for our Jubilee celebrations teaching us a dance from one of the decades of Queen Elizabeth's reign. We will be representing the 50' and 60's and the arrival of rock 'n roll to the music scene - but we will give nothing more away so you can be dazzled by our performance next week!

We have also been continuing our work using decimals in Maths, with Year 4's working with hundredths and dividing by 100 and Year 5 have been ordering and comparing decimals to fractions and percentages too. They have a much better understanding of the way percentages are used in shops now to show discounts! The Year 4's became the teachers and very expertly instructed the class on the best way to divide 1 and 2 digit numbers by 100. I had better watch my back as they did a fabulous job! 

In RE we have been doing some drama to bring to life some of the teachings of Jesus and in Science we have continued our study of forces. We did a variety of mini experiments to investigate pulls, pushes and twists, gravity, friction and air resistance. In each of these we were making links to the real world by linking the physics principles to footwear, road cars and racing cars.

Earlier in the term we had been invited to help plant some trees in Ashton Woods by the Clutterbuck family, and on Friday afternoon we made our way to just beyond the cherry orchards to do just that. We had a super time planting 26 Norway Spruce, that will be mature in 40 years time! We learnt about the way the woodland is being managed to sustain its growth and were told all about the trees which we had planted and why they had been chosen. The best bit was admiring our handiwork after we had finished, in the knowledge that we have helped to support the environment in our locality. A super Learning Outside of the Classroom opportunity to end our week. Again on a planting theme, in the first week of this term we planted some cherry tomato seeds and this week they have been transferred to the boat in the garden in readiness for the Open Gardens village event. Fingers crossed they continue to thrive outdoors! I hope you are all busy decorating a pot for the Jubilee competition and thinking about which plants to put in it to make it look like a winner. The closing date for entries is fast approaching.

We can't wait for all the Jubilee fun next week, we will be busy practicing our dance moves, tuning our voices and producing lots of work for you to see at our Friday Street  Party celebration event. We hope to see you all there.