Ashton Under Hill First School

Shaping Bright Futures Together

Oak Class Summer 2 Week 2

This week we found out who won the business enterprise challenge. On Monday we counted all the takings from the pop up market. deducted the expenses and worked out the winners. The victorious business was 'So Sweet' run by Managing Directors Charlie and Monty; they took a huge total of £43.80 on their hot chocolate and ice cream stall, making a massive £29.53 (after expenses) in profit, to take the top place on the profit leader-board. It was a close run thing with other groups very close behind them. We were very proud of all groups, they were all winners as every single group made their £10 and then some to show a healthy profit. Each group has decided which charity the profits will be donated to, to 'pass forward' the successes of their business. (See below for the full list.) A total amount of £199.98 will be donated, a remarkable figure!! The money that was donated by the sponsors  (£110.00) is going to be spent on something for the school that Oak class will benefit from. The children have yet to decide what this will be, but we will make some decisions, as a collective, by the end of next week and up date everyone.

Each group wrote a letter to their sponsor in the style of an end of project report, to let them know how they got on. this will be sent to them, with photos so they can see how well their group nurtured the £10 and turned it onto profit.

It has been a hugely rewarding project, with lots of life lessons learnt - and so wonderful to see real life being re-enacted, if on a small scale, in the classroom.

Profit list - all very worthwhile causes I think you'd agree.

Beckford Wildlife Trust £15.10,   Water Aid £12.85,   UNICEF £14.90,   Dogs Trust £17.73.

One Million Meals £24.98,   Cancer Research £81.71 and  Ashton First School £14.41

(one group is still undecided where their £19.23 should go) 

Thank you again to all the shoppers who supported us last week - all your money will be put to good use.

Outside of all this fun, we have been learning more about how to use inverted commas in our writing. The children have converted play scripts in to narratives and continued the journey of Lila The Firework-Makers Daughter, once she met Ravani, inside Mount Merapi Volcano. We will continue to follow her on her journey, as she battles to win the firework contest, using the book as inspiration for our own writing.

We have taken learning our spellings outside of the classroom this week, making up games and memorable ways to help these spellings stay in our memories. We have used a variety of techniques which the children have enjoyed: lets hope these experiences will help them retain the letter patterns!

Year 5 this week, had their first link up with the Middle School, when they shared a Teams meeting with two TA's, who let them know all about their new school. They asked lots of great questions and made a fantastic first impression. They are very keen to go on their transition visit now to see what the TA's were talking about.

We have got a quiet week next week, but after that it gets very hectic with Bikeability and various sporting events. Please keep up to date with all the enrichment activities by keeping a close eye on the school diary.

To all the Dad's, Daddy's and Step Dad's in Oak Class, we hope you get the attention you deserve on Sunday and are made to feel special. Happy Father's Day.