Ashton Under Hill First School

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Oak Class Summer 2 Week 3

We have had a very work focused week as this is the calm before the storm for lots of end of year excitement and enrichment activities.

In Maths we have been revising our knowledge of time and been tackling some problem based questions to test our reasoning and application skills. We also looked at the misconceptions (of which there are many) when telling time, so as not to fall into the trap of mixing up the hour and second hand or reading the numbers as 4 past 3 not 3:20. It has been great to revise this skill, please encourage your child to tell you the time at any given opportunity.

We merged our writing and topic work this week to produce a travel guide for the Maldives, the distant place we are studying for our Near and Far unit. The children looked at the children's version of the Lonely Planet for tips on the content and layout of the page. They identified all the language features in an English lesson, researched the islands in Topic and then put it all together by writing some exceedingly informative pages that could definitely benefit tourists wanting to visit these luxurious islands. We all looked at the images and photo clips wishing we could teleport ourselves there, but sadly this didn't quite work out!

In art we have been creating texture by adding things to paint or using different tools to create marks in paint to give it a textured effect. The children had great fun getting very messy and being inventive in the way they used the materials. We used coral as our inspiration as we are going to make a tropical sea habitat as our display background for our Topic work. The different colours, shapes, patterns and textures will look amazing when they are put together and really brighten up the classroom.

In P.E. Mrs Thornton has started to introduce some of the Commonwealth Games sports that will be included in our sports day this year. On Wednesday, the children were competing in a version of Bowls, practising their aim when throwing, trying to get their ball nearest to the jack. I could hear all the whoops and cheers from my classroom, they were having lots of fun and the level of competition was very high; Oak Class do love a competitive game!! We look forward to trying out some other new sports in readiness for the actual sports day which is on Wednesday 6th July.

Lots to look forward to next week, for Year 5 it is Cycle Training and a visit to BHA for transition day and Year 4 will be meeting and getting matched up with their buddy's and also having move up day - our schools transition. Hoodies will be arriving very soon for Year 5 and their leavers disco is next Friday night. Too much fun for one week; but there is more to come the week after too.