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Oak Class Summer 2 Week 4

We have had a really busy week with Year 5 doing Bikeability training with Worcestershire County Council instructors and Wednesday was 'move up' day, so we have had to squeeze our work in and around all these different activities. 

The Year 5's had great fun training on their bikes. They started on the playground learning all about  bike maintenance, the ABC of checking their bikes : Air (in the tyres), Brakes (do they work) and C (is the chain well oiled). Then then were off circling around, whilst the instructor checked their balance and if they could use the brakes and gears. Step 2 was to go out of school onto the roads around the village practising their road position and how the cycle in a safe way, letting other road users know what they were doing.

On Wednesday most of the Year 5 's had a transition visit to the middle school to see their new school and meet their Form Tutors. They all came back very happy and looking forward to their next step in September.

Also, the leavers hoodies arrived today, another event which brings us closer to the end of term!

Back in school, next years Year 5 all came for the morning to Oak Class and they received some very exciting news; who their buddy was going to be next year. There was a huge buzz of excitement and all the children were very happy. They all wrote a letter to their new Buddy and will get the chance to meet them again next Friday to hand them over.

We have had a bust week of Maths this week too. We have been doing a wide variety of activities all based around Shape, Space, Position and Direction. It has been the perfect opportunity to get all the concrete resources out and use them to deepen our understanding of the properties of shape, how we describe where shapes are on a grid, and how to use a protractor to measure angles. The Year 5's managed to use angles to save the world from an alien invasion and the Year 4's were creating mathematical patterns which showed lines symmetry.

Please keep your eye on your emails over the next week as we are sending out consent forms for different activities and important information about other transition visits for Year 5's.