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Oak Class Week 13

Hectic is the word to describe Oak Class this week! We have moved from squared and cubed numbers in maths to cross stitch in DT and melting and freezing in science; all in between our end of term assessments - phew!!

Year 5 got all the counters out this week to work out how many were needed to create squares and learnt that multiplying a number by itself is called a squared number. We did the same with linking cubes to find the cube numbers. Now the children have some new numbers to memorise so they can recall them. This is building on their work on factors, multiples and prime numbers giving them the opportunity to see why knowing and quickly recalling times tables is soooooo important.

All of us have been poets in English this week. After studying and performing a poem which used personification last week, we created our own examples of personification to create a poem about the weather or a season. The class came up with some super ideas made the links between nature and human characteristics work brilliantly to form descriptive poems.

We have completed the last of our science experiments this week, freezing and melting different substances to observe reversible and irreversible changes. The children predicted the outcomes of our tests, but our results threw a few shocks. They had expected sugar, cheese, chocolate and marshmallows to melt, but they only became soft in the time they decided to set for the test. They never expected shampoo to freeze but accurately predicted that Coca Cola would and that wax oil and ketchup would not. We have had lots of fun over the past few weeks catching up on all our scientific skills and our knowledge of how scientists work has really progressed.

Also we got creative again this week and been super busy elves producing some very impressive work which will be revealed next week, we don't want to spoil the surprise!! Can you guess what we are stitching and why we have been experimenting with chromatography?

On top of all of this we have completed all our end of term assessments, I am very proud of the effort and resilience required to complete these, well done everyone.

The children looked spectacular in their Christmas jumpers on Friday, (there are a few examples in the gallery) and we all thoroughly enjoyed our Christmas lunch. BIG thanks to Mrs Barnett the chef, it was delicious and we know how much effort goes into the organisation and preparation - thank you very much.

A big thank you to Georgia too who baked us all a Christmas biscuit and hand decorated them - they looked beautiful and tasted yummy. 


Auditions for the Year 5 play are happening on Monday so watch this space for the big reveal to announce what the play will be and the roles that will be allocated!! We have some extremely excited would be actors in Oak at the moment who keep randomly bursting into song!

Only one week to go and lots to look forward to next week.......we have nearly completed OAK LEVEL 1 - Autumn Term !