Ashton Under Hill First School

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Oak Class Week 8

Our first week back has been fabulous! We have had lots of fun and experienced a variety of hands on activities.

In English we are still working on narratives but with a focus on suspense stories for the next few weeks. We have written some spooky stories and have studied our new class text - a book of short stories called A Word In Your Ear by Tony Ross. We have had two drama sessions this week, where we had to create freeze frames of what would happen next in a suspense story and to act out an extract of a story to understand the vocabulary within it. The children were very inspired by the stories and loved to have the opportunity push back the tables and act out their ideas.

We have also been learning about the different food groups in connection with healthy eating in Food Technology. On Friday we had great fun making Bonfire Night themed healthy snacks from an assortment of fruits and vegetables. The children's brief was to create food in the design of fireworks and they had to carefully use knives to slice, cut and shape the fruits appropriately.  The results were amazing, check out the gallery to see the finished snacks- they also tasted as good as they looked too.

In Science we have another challenge to solve through experimentation. The children were presented with a bucket of dirty water and had the task of cleaning it up to make it as clear as they could by using a variety of materials to filter out the dirt. They were given a real life scenario to make it a more realistic task to solve. The task was planned very carefully taking into consideration the variable they would change and how to make it as fair as possible. They also discussed what they would measure and how they would record their results. We will carry out the experiment at the beginning of next week.

Thank you for the pictures we have received so far showing the children reading in unusual places! Please send yours into the class email when you have taken it. House points will be given to all who send one in!

Our Oak Class School Council representatives were chosen this week. All the candidates gave a huge range of reasons for why they would be good for the role and made the choice very difficult!!! Two were selected - congratulations go to Georgia and Maisie who gained the most votes. 

Pen licences have also been given out for the first time this year to those children who have demonstrated excellent handwriting. I am hoping to give out more and more as this half term progresses.

Next week is Maths Week so we will be spending lots of extra time on Maths activities.