Ashton Under Hill First School

Shaping Bright Futures Together

Oak Week Beginning 22nd May 2023

In our writing lessons, we have been busy this week working on sentence structure and vocabulary choices. We have been experimenting with different ways to start a sentence and thinking about how this affects the flow of our writing. We used these sentence styles after being inspired by diving giraffes and writing diary entries. In grammar lessons we have learnt about where to use a semicolon and these have been featuring well in our written work this week too.

We have completed 2 science investigations this week as well; one investigating pitch the other volume. We had great fun (though it was very loud) experimenting with different 'instruments' to work out what the relationship between their size and the pitch was. The children quickly discovered that the larger or longer the instrument the lower the pitch and the smaller and shorter it was, the higher the pitch. They also used their scientific knowledge to explain that pitch was all about the speed of the vibrations. When investigating volume, we used data logging equipment to log the changes in decibels when moving away from a sound and try to explain why this happened in a scientific way. They aimed to keep the test as fair as possible and had a real life use for their measuring skills as the distance needed to be accurately measured and recorded each time they moved further away from the sound source. 

We have finished our position and direction topic in maths, and all the children demonstrated super progress and understanding of their skills in this area via a mini test. After half term we will be moving onto decimals; any money experience over half term could benefit their skills in this area, especially counting on to the next whole pound, setting out formal addition and subtraction lining up the numbers and decimal points carefully and multipying by 10, 100 and 1000.

The Oak team hope you have a great half term and the children recharge their batteries before the final 7 weeks of their time at Ashton Under Hill!