Ashton Under Hill First School

Shaping Bright Futures Together

Oak Week Beginning 23rd October

We had a brilliant start to our week, (which has had some focus on Peru) with Mrs Shiel's assembly which taught us all about her adventures along the Inca Trail and into the Peruvian rainforest. She told us all about how she had had to work really hard and build lots of resilience to allow her to walk such a long distance at such a high altitude; she has been a brilliant role model for us in developing our Yeti attitude! In our Guided reading lessons we looked at facts about Peru and learnt how to summarise them into tweets of only 140 characters, this was a real challenge that the children were keen to rise too. The children have retained lots of facts about this fascinating country's geography, history and nature. In the afternoon, all the children in Key Stage 2 worked together in small groups to  research an animal that would live in the Peruvian part of the Amazon Rainforest. They produced an A4 sheet containing lots of details about the animal and Mrs Shiels is putting them altogether in a book. They worked very hard and produced some lovely paragraphs of information and diagrams. We also had a go at weaving using wool, not alpaca wool as would be used by Peruvians. The children had to follow the square shape pattern and tie knots when they changed the colour of their wool. Look in the gallery for some examples.

In other subjects such as writing, we have been continuing to write recounts. This time we retold the adventure of the main character in our class reader when they journeyed through a cave system. The children tried to add extra details to their work through descriptions of what their senses would experience during this journey; they did a great job. They also had the added challenge to include all the grammar we have been learning such as brackets, dashes and commas, semi colons and colons and even experimenting with relative clauses! 

On Thursday we made some biscuits as part of our food technology and design learning, also linking it to the Stone Age too. They had to make amulet beads out of the biscuit dough and then, when cooked, thread them onto a necklace. This would replicate the bone and antler carving the Stone Age people would do for themselves and their families. They had great fun mixing, moulding and threading these good luck charms and then eventually eating them!! Pictures of these processes can be seen in the gallery.