Ashton Under Hill First School

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Science Week in Holly Class

We have been curious scientists this week in Holly class! 

We started the week on Monday by exploring different materials in and around our classroom. We found different objects and worked out what they were made from, learning the proper name for that material. We then played a game that helped us to use lots of great scientific vocabulary and describe the material hidden in a basket for the other children to guess. 

On Tuesday we linked the science week theme to year 1's PSHE learning and enjoyed talking about jobs in our community. We worked out which jobs used skills we might learn in science and then the children thought about what they might like to be when they grow up. We have a lovely class here of future farmers, doctors, shop owners and even super heroes! 

On Wednesday we had a material hunt in our school grounds. The children had some very close up pictures of different materials and they had to be curious detectives to work out where they were and what material they were made from. The Reception children worked hard to use all of the new vocabulary we had learnt on Monday and Year 1 recorded the name of the material and also described it, writing their answer in a super sentence. 

Thursday was a very exciting day for our duck eggs as Mrs. Harvey came to see us to candle the eggs. We made the room very dark and she shone a special light on the eggs from the incubator to see if they were fertile. We were very excited to discover that we have 8 eggs that have ducklings growing inside, it was amazing for the children to see the veins and even sometimes the heartbeats of the duckling. We will continue to look after them very carefully and tick off our calendar each day.... it is 18 sleeps until hatching day!

On Friday we had another special visitor, Mr White, who is a Scientist. He brought with him a drone to show us that it can be controlled by your brain! Some of the children were lucky enough to have a go at controlling the drone by wearing some special headgear and really concentrating on some shapes on a screen. The children were able to fly the drone up and down using their eyes and brains. We thought it was amazing and had LOTS of questions to ask about how it worked. 

Have a lovely weekend Holly Class scientists! 

Mrs Holdsworth