Ashton Under Hill First School

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Super Duper Holly Class!

Welcome back Holly Class! We have had a lovely week back together getting stuck into our new topic for this half term, 'My Family in the Past'. We have enjoyed sharing our Easter adventures and thinking about things we might like to find out over this next half term. We read a lovely story this week called 'Super Duper You!' It celebrated differences and is all about what makes each of us special and unique. Everyone made their own Super Duper You mini book to celebrate things they like and don't like as well as things they are good at and feel tricky. The children were so thoughtful, talking amongst themselves about how brilliant it was they they were all good at different things and how they could help each other with things they found tricky. 

In our literacy lessons this week we found a mystery object from our story and had to try and work out what it was. The children used their wonderful imaginations and made some brilliant predictions about what the 'red box with black dots' could be...a boat, a house, a ladybird... We eventually found out it was a robot's bottom! We giggled our way through the story 'No-Bot' and worked together to retell it. Next week we will be working on some No-Bot stories of our own. 

Something the children were excited to find out about in our history lessons is the toys older members of our families might have played with when they were small. So, following the robot theme we created some amazing observational drawings of a wooden robot toy. The children really concentrated on using their pencils to create the correct shapes and looked carefully at the details. The results were amazing, we have a class of super duper artists! 

In maths this week Year 1 have been working really hard counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. We have been using the 100 square to spot patterns and lots of different resources around the classroom as well as filling out missing number lines and number tracks and solving some brain stretching problems! The reception children have been exploring 'teen' numbers through moving and counting, spotting the numerals and also building a numicon city to represent the numbers. 

As you will see in the photos we also managed to find time to enjoy the sunshine earlier this week and start some planting. We talked about what plants need to grow and have planted some peas, pumpkins and courgettes. Stay tuned for updates! 

On our class page I have put a welcome letter for the Summer term as well as some information about our new topic for you to see. Do keep an eye of your this coming to your email inbox as well. 

Have a lovely long weekend, Mrs Holdsworth