Ashton Under Hill First School

Shaping Bright Futures Together

This week in Holly Class...

We are getting very excited now in Holly Class as we continue to look after and watch our duck eggs carefully. Each day we tick a day off the hatching calendar and we have just four sleeps left until we will hopefully have some new arrivals! We will keep you all updated.

The children have blown me away in our literacy lessons this week with superb writing from everyone! The year 1 children have been completing their story writing work with a retelling of 'Don't Spill the Milk'. The children worked really hard to apply what they have been learning; using 'and' to join ideas in a sentence, using correct punctuation (including some exclamation marks!) and sequencing sentences. The reception children have been working on their sentence writing skills by creating labels for all the models they make and really concentrating on their letter formation. 

In our maths lessons we have been exploring shape this week, learning the difference between 2D and 3D shapes and the mathematical names for all the shapes we can find around our classroom. We have also explored the different features of these shapes through various construction activities. 

In science this week year 1 designed and planned an investigation that everyone then took part in. They were challenged with finding the best material to create a container for carrying milk for Penda from the story we have been reading. The children came up with the different properties needed for a good milk container and then tested wood, plastic, fabric, tissue and paper to see if they were breakable, if the milk soaked through and if they were transparent. They all recorded their data in a table that we made together using the computer. 

Yesterday we were really lucky to take part in a Chi Chi Fit session which was brilliant fun and left everyone feeling great and full of energy. We were humming the songs from the musicals that we had danced along to for the rest of the day! Have a look at the photos and ask your children to show you some of their moves!

Finally, we were so proud of the three children who