Ashton Under Hill First School

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We're Going on a Bear Hunt

We have done plenty of exploring during Science Week. We have been looking closely at water beads as we submerged them and watched them grow. Then we had the pleasure of putting our hands in and feeling them. We soaked a dinosaur plant and watched it grow (sadly not into a dinosaur), as it unfurled and changed completely within an hour.

We investigated weight by putting objects in different sized cartons, suspended with elastic bands. One child even discovered that if you fill a carton and pull it, it will "ping everywhere".  However, the highlight of the week was a visit from Mrs Harvey who came to candle the duck eggs and we discovered that we have 8 fertile eggs growing ducklings inside.

Mr White came into school with a brain activated drone.  The children were astonished when a Reception child was able to move the drone using his eyes and the power of thought. We returned back to the classroom and made our own paper airplanes.

We have been on a Bear Hunt, exploring the grounds and recreating the story in the classroom, and also managed to plant a Crab Apple Tree.  Hopefully, we will be able to watch it grow.  How big will it be by the time we reach Year 5?