Ashton Under Hill First School

Shaping Bright Futures Together

Week Beginning 16th January 2023

We have had some chilly starts to our days this week, but have soon warmed up our brains in lessons and have a really productive week!

On Monday a team of eight children from Oak class represented the school in the district cross country heats held at Prince Henry's School. It was certainly chilly, but a brisk walk of the course allowed us to feel our fingers and toes again! We were very successful in the race as we had two girls in the top three and all finished in the top twenty. In the boys team, we were very narrowly beaten into third place and the rest of the team did a fabulous job giving us an excellent overall score. The medal winners, Phoebe (Gold), Savannah (Silver) and Harris (Bronze), as a result have qualified for the county final to be held in early March in Worcester. See the photos we took on the day in the gallery.

We have continued our new science topic on electricity this week with some problem solving lessons using electrical components to make circuits which light up a bulb. We have experimented by adding extra wires into the circuit to see what effect this has on the bulb and also tried to make a switch work - this was a real test of resilience as there was a specific order to place the wires. We have learnt how to draw a circuit diagram, using the correct symbols and names of the components.

In topic this week we considered what the ancient city of Baghdad looked like by using historical maps and drawings. The children drew a map, creating a key to show the features, and drew a birds eye view of the House of Wisdom that formed the main part of the centre of the city. They examined written sources which described the city and tried to include these in their images too.

In English we are continuing to study Wolf Brother and next week will start our own quest stories.  We have finished all of our small steps in Maths to develop our multiplication and division skills and will move onto the second module of learning on fractions where we will be multiplying unit and non-unit fractions.

We used the story 'The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse in our PSHE lessons to develop our understanding of the skills we need to be a good friend. The children were excellent at spotting the characteristics the characters demonstrated in the story and thought how these applied to their own friendships. They produced some very thoughtful work and wrote some lovely statements about their friends.