Ashton Under Hill First School

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Willow Class wb 06.11.23

Willow Class have made a great start to the half term and have been building on our learning from last term. 
In Science, we were very excited to start our new unit all about Rocks and Soils. We began the lesson by looking at and describing some rocks, thinking about their different properties and the vocabulary we could use to talk about and classify them. We were then given descriptions of six different rocks and had to be 'rock detectives', matching the descriptions to the rocks we had been looking at. We found out that we had examined sandstone, limestone, chalk, marble, granite and slate.
In English this week, we've been working on writing limericks. We began by listening to some examples written by Michael Rosen and learning the rhyme and rhythm pattern used in this type of poem. We then wrote a limerick together as a class before starting to write our own. We had some fantastic poetry writing and were really impressed with everyone's creative ideas. We then went on to create poems for our favourite book characters, choosing vocabulary that summed them up effectively. 
In Maths, we have been learning to use the inverse and, for one of our activities, had sets of cards which we had to combine in order to make as many addition and subtraction calculations as we possibly could. We discussed the different vocabulary which is linked with addition and subtraction and looked at how we can work systematically. 
Our Computing lesson was all about animation this week and we used an online programme to create short animations (very much like a flip book). The children selected a theme and then had to build in more than one animation. We also completed our work on sketching and produced a final piece to apply all of our skills to. We created a set of fish scales which had to show tone, texture and use the different shades of pencil.