Ashton Under Hill First School

Shaping Bright Futures Together

Willow Class wb 27.11.23

This week we have been exploring the site of Stonehenge as part of our Topic learning. We found out that it is a famous prehistoric monument which started being built towards the end of the Stone Age and the beginning of the Bronze Age due to the evidence of cave drawings and bones discovered at the site. We also found out that the stones used were transported great distances, some from Wales and some closer by using rollers and rafts to shift these heavy weights across a distance. We made models of the structure using cubes and also biscuits to help us visualise the site and infer what it's purpose could have been. We then went on to hold a class debate to decide what the site was most likely used for. We discussed it being a burial site, concert grounds, a healing place or even an ancient calendar. 

In Writing lessons we have been working on our new text 'Arthur and the Golden Rope'. We have explored the themes found in a quest story, written our own sections of narrative and used some of the sentence structures to create our own versions. There were some fantastic examples and it was great to see the children applying their SPAG from previous lessons too. In Maths we have been focusing on multiples of 2 and 4. We worked through an investigation where we had to set out examples of calculations to support our reasoning. 

In PSHE we have been discussing a story called 'The U Factor' involving a boy who wanted to become a famous singer as his parents, family, friends and school had encouraged him. The story tells the importance of recognising that sometimes people say kind things to make us feel good but we still have to work hard at our talents and skills to improve.