Ashton Under Hill First School

Shaping Bright Futures Together

Willow - W/C 02.05.2022

Last week we had two trips out and about around the village; the first to look at the land use in the village and the second to visit a farm in Grafton to study the local agricultural economy.

We discovered all the different categories of land use and identified them onto a map of the village and colour coded them with the aid of a key. At the farm we drew some sketch maps of the location and the farm itself. The highlight had to be the animals. The children learnt about the feeding regime of the calves, mixed up their milk and bottle fed a few very hungry mouths. Next was the lambing shed. There was a range of different breeds and all were very happy to be cuddled! The children had lots of fun and their hands on trip was made very special by Farmers, Lynne, George and Ed - they even gave us homemade cake as a snack. An Excellent Learning Outside of The Classroom opportunity which was very memorable.