Ashton Under Hill First School

Shaping Bright Futures Together

Willow W/C 11th July 2022

During our Science lesson this week, the children learned about different magnetic materials. The class tested various materials using a magnet to find out if they are magnetic or non magnetic. We sorted these into groups and talked about similarities and differences. Last week, the children learned about magnetic poles and what happens when you put the same poles together. 

On Tuesday, with the other Year 4 children, we made paper helicopters to learn about gravity and air resistance. The children investigated what happens when you increase the weight of the helicopter or the length or width of the rotor blades. The class tested their helicopters three times to find an average. We adapted our helicopters to see if we could make them fall faster or slow them down. 

As part of our English, the children wrote a newspaper article about Sports Day using the 5 W's. The class remembered what they had learned previously about the layout of newspaper reports and included a table to show who won the different events. At the end of the week, the children wrote a sports commentary using fronted adverbials to vary their sentences. 

During our art lesson, the children used the work of Kandinsky to inspire and create their own piece using what we have learned about line, shape and tone. We will create our final piece next week and present these in our art work books. We revised what we have learned in maths about different lines, angles and 2D shapes. 

On Friday, Willow Class joined up with Oak Class to take part in a Topic day all about coral reefs. The children had previously learnt about the impacts of coral bleaching and plastic pollution on these vulnerable environments and had the opportunity to apply this knowledge to creating a short video clip using  the green screen. The classes worked in mixed  groups to produce a script for a specific question and then filmed these to share their knowledge. We were really impressed with how effectively they worked together and the quality of the factual information included.