Ashton Under Hill First School

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Willow - WB 07.11.2022

We have had a lovely week in Willow Class. Thank you to parents for attending parent's evening this week. The children have been working very hard and it is great to share what we have been doing in school, 

As part of our English this week, we have been exploring various poems and how they use similes and description. On Tuesday, the children created their own firework poem using descriptive language, similes and metaphors. In maths this week, the children have started their new maths topic based on multiplication and division. We learned how to create an array and explored multiples of various numbers. Please keep practising your 3, 4 and 8 times table at home!

We also started a new topic in Science this week, all about sounds around us and how we hear them. We created an a-z list of various sounds around us and we learned all about volume and how loud sounds can cause damage to the ear. Next week we will learn all about the various parts of the ear and their role. In music, we listened and appraised a new song called 'Let your Spirit Fly'. We found out that it is important to warm up our voices before we sing and we felt the vibrations created by our voice box. 

In our Topic lesson we have been exploring 'tomb raiders' and their findings in the Valley of the Kings. The children found out some key information about the jobs of several Ancient Egyptians and their roles in society and then had the task of identifying which of the 'stolen' items belonged to which member of society. We looked closely at the materials the items were made from, what they may have been used for and how these linked with the different jobs. Some fantastic detective skills were shown. 

Our Year 4 children have also taken part in the Bredon Moles Cluster cross country event earlier in the week and they did brilliantly. We were so proud of everyone for participating, doing their very best and being so supportive of the other children. Please see the separate news page  for photos of this event. 

Friday saw our second visit to Forest School this term. Again, we had an amazing time and were treated to toasted marshmallows around the campfire. We were really pleased that the rain stayed away after our last trip and a fantastic time was had by all! We are very much looking forward to our next half termly visit!