Ashton Under Hill First School

Shaping Bright Futures Together

Willow - WC 13.06.2022

This week, as part of our DT lessons, the children designed their own magnetic toy. They were given a specific design brief they had to follow and they researched existing toys that use magnets. The children needed to evaluate their toy against the design brief and think about improvements that could be made. 

In English lessons, the children learned how a character's emotions and actions can be expressed through dialogue. We explored how Roald Dahl used language and humour to show this. The class learned the 'rules' to follow when using direct speech in their writing. We have also learned how to write a playscript using the story of 'The Twits'.

In maths the children have been consolidating their knowledge about time and written methods and we have started learning about statistics and how to record data. 

In our Topic work this week we have been finding out all about the Maldives and have been using atlases to locate them. Apparently its hotter in Ashton today than in the Maldives!  In our Computing lessons we have been learning to create repeated shapes using Scratch. The children worked really hard to create algorithms which produced various different patterns. 

This week in French we have been learning the names of the months of the year. We all have to remember months (and days of the week) do not have a capital letter when written in French. We learnt a song that helps us to pronounce them correctly. Year 4 children have started to write sentences including months of the year and Year 3 have been learning how to say when their birthday is. Next week Year 4 will move on to their new topic "Chez Moi".

Today we said goodbye to Mrs McCann who has been working in Willow class since 16th May. She has been teaching us some interesting lessons and we hope she has enjoyed her time with us.