Ashton Under Hill First School

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Willow Week Beginning 20th May

It has been another busy week in Willow Class and we have been continuing to learn all about Rivers. In our Topic lesson, we used our map work skills to identify rivers in the UK, beginning to identify where the source and the mouth of these rivers were. We found that the longest river in the UK is the River Severn and recalled key vocabulary linked to the upper, middle and lower course. 

This week in Science, we've been finding out about the Moon. We learnt about how the Moon orbits the Earth and how long this takes. We also looked at the phases of the Moon before creating our own Moon fact files. In Music, we performed the song we've been working on, 'Bringing Us Together'. It was lovely to see how the children's confidence has grown with this and some of us even had a go at singing in small groups to the rest of the class. 

In our Maths lessons we have revisited money. Our Year 3 children have been learning to subtract money in order to help them find change from an amount. We used number lines, part part whole models and the practical equipment to support us in solving subtraction problems. Meanwhile, the Year 4 children have been comparing amounts of money, building on their knowledge of decimal place value. They have been writing amounts of money as decimals and using ascending and descending order to organise amounts of money. 

In English we have completed our narrative writing unit based on 'Journey to the River Sea'. We have been rewriting sections of the story with the aim of varying our sentence structure. We completed a slow writing activity whereby the children were given a list of what each sentence had to be and they had to use these instructions to make sure their writing flowed between sentences and paragraphs. 

It has been a lovely half term in Willow class and the children have all worked really hard. We finished with a great PE lesson which involved testing out different starting positions for a sprint race in preparation for Sports Day. We wish you all a restful half term break and hope this sunny weather stays with us so you can enjoy being outside.