Ashton Under Hill First School

Shaping Bright Futures Together

Willow w/b 29th November

As per usual, Willow class have worked very hard this week and should be proud of all of their efforts.  

Multiplication and division have been the focus this week in maths and newspaper reports in English.  

The children made ‘Levers’ in their DT lesson which they thoroughly enjoyed as you can see from the pictures!  

Computing involved learning about inputs, processes and outputs and then the children were set a task to design a machine that uses inputs and produces outputs.  As a further extension, they were asked to describe how its processing works. 

In our P.S.H.E lessons the children are learning about respect both in the classroom and online and how online messages can be construed in different ways. ‘Online Stranger Danger’ has also been the focus for this week and the children are designing their own posters that show how to keep safe when communicating online and what to do or who to turn to if they are worried about any contact online.  

We finished the week with our whole school 'Eco Afternoon' which the children found very engaging.  The theme was 'Electricity' and the children found out how electricity is made, they sorted electrical items into non-electrical and electrical categories, they discovered the different sources of electricity, found out which electrical devices use the most power and finally discussed what we can do as a school to help reduce global warming.  

Ashton's very own Envirominnies were also busy checking our classroom to make sure we were being as Eco friendly as possible!  We hope we were!