Ashton Under Hill First School

Shaping Bright Futures Together

Willow - w/c 24 January

This week in Art the children used geometric shapes to create a piece of work based on cubism. The children learnt about printing and used the shapes to print using primary colours. We also created our own pictures in the style of Matisse and Merida using different collage materials.

In English this week the children created a persuasive poster to persuade people to come to Abdul Kazam’s magic show from the story ‘Leon and the Place Between’. We watched different magic acts to help extend our vocabulary to use when producing our posters.

Fractions was our topic of focus in Maths.  The children familiarised themselves with finding halves and equal parts and understanding exactly what a fraction is.  We also started to think of the use of fractions in the everyday world.

We started a new computing topic this week on the subject of Desktop Publishing.  The children started to understand that information can be given in both text and images depending on the situation and decided upon which method they preferred.  They really enjoyed an activity of identifying different road and other signs and deciding how easy or difficult it was to understand their meanings.

Guided reading continued this week with answering questions and learning about the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo.  The children are really enjoying learning about a famous ‘woman of inspiration’ every week from the text, ‘Fantastically great women who changed the world.’

We finished hockey this week and had great fun playing in mini matches.  We were very impressed to see the skills the children have learnt being put to good use on the playground.

Please ensure that your child has the correct items of clothing for swimming that starts next Thursday.  Many thanks and have a good weekend.