Ashton Under Hill First School

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Willow wb 02.05.23

Despite it being a short week, Willow class have packed in lots of activities. We have been developing our knowledge and skills with money throughout the week, looking at adding, subtracting and interpreting word problems. We have used the coins and notes to help us with our calculations and have shown a good knowledge of the value of the different coins. We also discussed how to use our rounding skills when adding amounts such as 99p to develop our mental maths skills. 

In our Computing lesson, we built on our understanding of the different ways in which we can animate a sprite in Scratch. In particular, we changed the size of the sprite, moved across the stage and added sound effects. Then, we used the broadcast feature to stagger the sprites one at a time. The children did a fantastic job of retaining how to animate a sprite and were successfully able to apply their learning. 

Our Reading lesson was based on the Coronation  and involved us reading factual information about the life of King Charles III before responding to questions where we had to retrieve the information from the text. We found out where the ceremony will take place, what is involved in the service and how people are expected to celebrate over the weekend. We also created some Art work in the style of Andy Warhol as part of our work about  King Charles III. We looked at the example he created of Queen Elizabeth II and other Pop Art examples to gather inspiration. We then used collage to create a background and considered our use of colour to make a stand out portrait. 

In French, we have continued to practise vocabulary related to food and drink and also learnt more about what might be found in a French supermarket. The children are doing a great job with learning the new vocabulary. 

Next week, we will be beginning our new Topic which is called 'Raging Rivers' and are looking forward to learning all about the journey of a river from source to mouth. We hope you all have a lovely long weekend.