Ashton Under Hill First School

Shaping Bright Futures Together

Willow wb 27.02.2023

Firstly,  a huge thank you for all of your efforts with World Book Day costumes, the children looked amazing! As part of our World Book Day Celebrations we have taken part in shared reading with KS1. It was lovely to see the children supporting the younger ones to discuss their chosen books and listening to them read with such enthusiasm. The children also did a great job of recommending books to one another and trying out some new texts they had not read before. In class, we considered which book character we would like to invite for dinner which created lots of discussion. We had to reflect on why we would invite them, what we might ask them and what we particuarly liked about our chosen characters. We had great fun sharing our ideas with one another. Across the school we have introduced Reading Champions from each class who will meet on a regular basis to hold reading events in school. From Willow class, we have Tabby and Josh as our Reading Champions who will be putting forward our class ideas to the group. 

In Maths lessons this week, our Year 3 children have had a focus on mass and reading scales. We have looked at the key conversion facts such as having 1000g in 1kg and added different units to total 1kg. Our Year 4 children have been focusing on tenths and we have looked at tenths as fractions and then as decimals. They have been counting on in tenths as well as solving problems using their knowledge. 

This week, we started a new Science unit all about electricity. We learnt about different appliances and used Venn diagrams to sort them according to whether they were mains or battery powered. In Music, we listened to our new song, Lean on Me, and we worked on finding and keeping the pulse of the music. We also made a really good start on learning to sing the song. 

In our Writing lessons, we have been writing persuasively. We have learnt about some of the key features of persuasive writing such as alliteration, rhetorical questions and emotive language and then used these in our own writing. The children have been advertising the Cyber Kick shoes and building in different vocabulary to encourage people to want to buy them. 

Next week, we will be having a Topic focus to start our new Geography topic which is all about climate zones and biomes. We will be considering which climate zones we would prefer to live in and why before developing our map work skills to identify specific locations.