Ashton Under Hill First School

Shaping Bright Futures Together

Year 5 Leavers

We have all been welling up over the past few days as we approach the Year 5 last day!

On Wednesday the children dug up the Time Capsule that they buried during their time in Acorn Class. Mrs Stephenson and Mrs Shiels joined in with the children as they dug into the very hard ground. We recreated the photo of them that was taken when the capsule was buried and some children even gave the same pose! Unfortunately, on opening up the box, what was revealed was a bit of a surprise!!  Water had got into the treasure they had buried, but fear not, Mrs Stephenson was on the case and whisked them all away to dry out and work her magic, in the way only Mrs Stephenson can!! And what magic she did too.

On Thursday she returned with beautiful booklets recreated from what she had very carefully salvaged from the capsule and added a wonderful note to the children that they will treasure forever. From disappointment came beaming smiles and all the Oak staff felt that these special memories were made even more special by the amazing Mrs Stephenson. We can't thank her enough.

Have a great summer holiday and good luck for your new start s in September.

Mrs Tulley and the Oak Team