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PFA (Parents and Friends Association)

What is the PFA?

Ashton under Hill First School Parents and Friends Association is a charitable organisation that exists to raise funds for the provision of all those little extras that our children need at school.

 These “extras” over the last few years have included an outside classroom (come space ship, come Bethlehem stable, come pirate ship, come time machine), PE equipment, a new mouse proof PE shed to keep all the lovely equipment in, staging blocks, books and computer equipment.

Who is a member?

Anyone who is a parent or guardian of a child at Ashton under Hill First School is automatically a member of the PFA. It’s up to you how much involvement you’d like to have.

How is money raised by the PFA?

This is the fun bit, (in a normal year - writing this in 2021!). We aim to run one or two key events each term to raise money and have a lot of fun and build community on the way:

In previous years we have unleashed our creativity and cleared local gardens of greenery making Christmas Wreaths, the children have made Christmas decorations to sell at our Christmas Craft Fair: an afternoon towards the end of term infused with carols, handbells and mulled wine.

In the Spring Term we’ve had family quizzes, and an evening event. From sombreros to saris, lion tamers and glitter balls - there seems to be a lot of money raised in fancy dress and authentic food: Mexican nights, 80’s disco, Mr&Mrs (recreating the 80s game show with much hilarity), and a Greatest Showman Party along with a 60s night.

In the Summer term, for a decade with a split of funds we’ve had the excellent Run Around Supper, and also served refreshments at the school Sports Day.


Other ways we raise money are though an easy fundraising app and


Shop at

Please use these links as they donate anything from 0.5% on purchases to 5%: every time you book a supermarket shop, order presents, or pay for airport parking you can be giving back to school at no extra cost to you.

How to get involved?

There is a committee of three (Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary) and we hold an AGM once a year.

The PFA isn't committee run, if you have an idea to run an event, big or small, family focused or wider community focused, then we would love to hear from you.

How to get in touch

Contact the PFA via email: ashtonpfa@gmail,com   or leave a message at the school office.